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Gary Null's Home-Based Business Opportunity

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Home Based Business Opportunity

Gary Null’s Home Based business opportunity is for people who:


  • want to be role models for health and happiness for others
  • are passionate about sharing Gary’s information with their circle of friends, relatives  and acquaintances
  • are motivated to earn extra money

This once in a lifetime opportunity helps the average person bridge the gap between fiscal pressures and the desire to get healthy, while earning revenue and all the while helping people save money on health promoting products and services.

Here’s what you get:

    1. A distributor’s wholesale discount on all the supplements you order
    2. Access to Luanne Pennesi, RN, MS to help those with medical conditions who need more individualized attention at more than half off of her health and life coaching services.
    3. Guidance to put together starter kits with products like:
      • Green stuff
      • Red stuff
      • Super Antioxidant
      • Heavenly Aloe
      • Friendly Fiber
      • Muscle powder (or any of the other protein powder that Gary sells)
      • Suprema C
    4. The opportunity to read and study Gary’s top selling books and share his information, with all the resources to back it up.
    5. Gary Null will supply you for FREE with the following full length films to help people get started on their journey of self healing and personal empowerment:

Supercharge Your Immune System
7 Steps to Perfect Health
Anger, Taming the Beast Within
Expanding Into Consciousness
Letting Go Of Fear
Life Energies

    1. You will get preferential prices on in-stock products that you will not be able to get anywhere else. (Such as updated versions of The Food-Mood-Body Connection, Mind Power and Living in the Moment)
    2. Preferential pricing for Gary Null’s signature retreats, in fact, $700/week off of the regular price to attend
    3. Advanced notice of new Internet products
    4. Periodic coaching calls with an opportunity to get your questions answered and to get and share ideas to boost sales.
    5. Eventually we will have a monthly newsletter available online to our members, accessible with an assigned password.


Here’s how to get started:

* Notify Luanne Pennesi at 631-504-6198 or that you’re interested in starting your own home business.  The letter of agreement can be found here: Agreement Form . You need to sign this and return it to Gary Null and Associates, attention to Jeremy Stillman in order to begin. You can mail it to :

     Gary Null and Associates

     Attention: Jeremy Stillman

     2307 Broadway, 2nd floor

     New York, NY 10024


* Next go to then purchase the following books by Gary Null if you don’t already have them:

The Complete Encyclopedia of Natural Healing

Get Healthy Now!

Power Aging

Mind Power

Gary Null’s Guide to a Joyful Healthy Life

For Women Only!

These provide the comprehensive information that you will need to present and discuss with your customers.

* Next you need to get your price list.  Call JEREMY STILLMAN at 646-926-5434  and he will also send you your order forms.  He is in the office Monday through Friday 9AM-5PM.  His e-mail is

* Order at least $700 worth of supplements to sell with your first order, and $500 for subsequent orders.  Place all orders with Jeremy by e-mail or by phone.  Once you place your first order Jeremy will arrange to have your free DVD’s sent to you.

* To assure that you are being best served, contact Luanne at 631-504-6198 or at once you have placed your order.

* Schedule your first presentation and display your products.  You can also have Luanne Pennesi, RN speak at your presentations or help you with a template to get started for a nominal fee.  Call her at 631-504-6198 to make arrangements.  Her web site is  You have Gary’s permission to use any of the art work on his web site, to crate fliers, posters and the like.  There will also be links from Gary’s site that you can make DVD’s of about how he makes his Green Stuff, Red stuff, Aloe and other products.

* You can have weekly or monthly meetings with small groups to preview Gary’s award winning documentaries and educational videos/DVD’s.  You will have access to his newly finished films before anyone else. Other ideas include:

-  getting a table at a farmer’s market or flea market

-  have home viewings/discussion

-  start a health support group in your area (speak with Luanne, she’ll get you info)

-  Have products displayed if you own a health food store or licensed health care practice and have a DVD playing throughout the day.


If you have any questions, please call Luanne Pennesi at 631-504-6198. 

****PLEASE NOTE!!  IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO INVEST THE $700 AND STILL WANT TO EARN $$ BY SELLING GARY'S PRODUCTS, YOU CAN BE A PART OF A DROP SHIP PROGRAM WHERE YOU CAN STILL SHOW GARY’S DVD’S AND HAVE PEOPLE PLACE ORDERS THROUGH YOU, AND YOU WILL RECEIVE A 10% COMMISSION CHECK WITH EACH ORDER, paid out quarterly. We still send you the free DVD's and you receive order sheets with a 30% discount for Gary's products.  People submit their orders to you with their payment and you get a commission check.  

Please notify JEREMY if you would rather do this. 646-926-5434, or e-mail him at

On behalf of Gary Null and his staff we would like to CONGRATULATE YOU and wish you success, happiness and health in your new venture!

Luanne Pennesi, RN, MS